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Bruvi brewer system: The new and improved Keurig?

Single-serve coffee got the smart home treatment.
By Mallory Minich  on 
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cream-colored single serve coffee maker with LED button panel
Credit: Mallory Minich / Mashable
Bruvi coffee brewer (opens in a new tab)
The Bottom Line
Bruvi is a sleek, easy to use single-serve coffee system that offers a variety of premium brews in a way that is eco-friendly, clean, and smart.
Mashable Score 4.6
Wow Factor 4.8
User Friendliness 4.8
Performance 4.8
Bang for the Buck 4
The Good
  • Bruvi can make seven different beverages in a variety of size and strength combinations
  • Reduces coffee, water, and energy waste compared to other brewer systems
  • Extremely sleek design
  • More hygienic than other single pod coffee makers
  • Reusable pods available
The Bad
  • Single use pods are a little expensive
  • Machine is only compatible with B-pods
  • Not a ton of pod options available yet
  • App seems kind of pointless

So, I’ll be honest with you. I’ve had the same coffee maker since college, and it wasn’t even mine to begin with. My old roommate moved out, asked if I wanted to keep hers, and it stuck with me for the past five years. A tried and true, slightly rusty coffee pot that was there when I needed her, but I knew it was time for a change. The Bruvi coffee system(opens in a new tab) walked into my life and it was love at first brew.

Using the Bruvi has been such a treat. It has its own pods that are only compatible with Bruvi, currently available in coffee and espresso variations. The sleek touch screen glows when you put in a pod, allowing you to choose from a variety of brewing options, such as hot, iced, or even cold brew. The Bruvi bundle, which includes the machine, water filter, and a variety pack of 20 B-pods, retails for $398.00. 

A breeze to set up 

yellow coffee mug filling up with coffee from Bruvi machine
Getting ready for my first brew was simple. Credit: Mallory Minich / Mashable

The Bruvi was so easy to set up. It was completely assembled, so no need to spend time trying to put pieces together. I also received the water filter for the Bruvi brewer, and to install it, I basically just had to soak the filter in water for five minutes and insert it into the water tank. Super simple. Plus, the filter lasts for 60 days. I did an initial clean that involved putting water in the tank and pressing a few buttons so the Bruvi could run hot water through its system. There are progress bars on Bruvi’s screen that turn from white to green when the cleaning process is finished. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I was all set for my first brew. 

I’m basically a barista now 

I almost exclusively drink iced coffee. Whether it’s Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or any other coffee spot, I’m getting something iced. It’s my preference, and making it at home often results in a watered-down beverage, due to freshly-brewed hot coffee melting all of the ice. I always find myself buying the huge jugs of cold brew to avoid that, which gets expensive! The Bruvi has given me the tools I need to finally make iced coffees on par with those that I would normally pay five to eight dollars for. I want to be like the little beverage girlies on TikTok, with their espresso machines and fancy sphere ice, stirring their drinks as they glow in the sunlight. I was so geeked about the iced coffee and cold brew functions on the Bruvi that I bought a frother and those cups with wooden lids and glass straws. You know the ones I’m talking about. I prepared myself for the full experience. Capitalism is sweet. 

iced coffee in glass cup with straw next to carton of almond milk and Bruvi coffee maker
I'm in my glass cup iced coffee era. Credit: Mallory Minich / Mashable

Let’s walk through my coffee recipe routine, shall we? First, I pop in a coffee B-pod of my choice and hit the “cold brew” function. For this option, you can choose either a 6-ounce or 8-ounce pour, so I choose the latter. I put a pint glass in the pour area, and the Bruvi does the rest. It takes about five minutes for the cold brew to pour since the Bruvi is brewing in slow increments to ensure the brew will actually pour cold — and it does! Meanwhile, I am frothing my almond milk, homemade brown sugar syrup, and a dash of cinnamon to make the yummiest cold foam imaginable. When the Bruvi is finished, I pour my foam on top and that’s it. It tastes so similar to my favorite drink at Starbucks, and I’m obsessed. 

iced coffee with foam on top in glass cup
I can now make my favorite Starbucks drink at home. Credit: Mallory Minich / Mashable

What’s with the B-pods? 

The Bruvi system uses its own unique pods, called B-pods. They are the K-cups of the Bruvi, but unfortunately not interchangeable with K-cups — the B-pods will only work in the Bruvi system, and the Bruvi only uses B-pods. At first, I thought it was kind of a bummer that K-cups couldn’t be used in the Bruvi, mostly because K-cups are less expensive. However, Bruvi’s pods are better in a lot of ways. They hold more coffee than K-cups and are made with a special plastic designed to break down faster in landfills. The B-pods are also designed so that each cup is brewed inside the pod, allowing for a cleaner and more hygienic brew. 

The B-pods are available on Bruvi’s website or on the Bruvi app. Currently, there are eight types of coffee pods available and two types of espresso pods. Not a ton of options yet, but Bruvi is releasing more options this spring and summer, including a matcha tea latte pod. I will say, the coffee blends they do have available are quality coffee. Also, the roast type, notes, and origin of each blend are listed online, so you can browse for specific notes, such as chocolate or citrus. I’ve tried all five blends from the variety pack and have really enjoyed the taste of each. 

five B-pod coffee pods
B-Pods are a little pricier and less readily-available than K-Cups. Credit: Mallory Minich / Mashable

A downside here is that the B-pods are a little bit expensive. The least expensive option is 20 coffee pods for $20.00. The matcha pods, when released, are going to be the most expensive at $39.00 per pack. Probably the damn oat milk. Bruvi does offer a 20% discount on any pack if you choose auto-delivery. I am frequently using and loving my Bruvi, so I could see myself keeping the auto-delivery feature on, as it is quite convenient. I also think I’m going to purchase the reusable Bruvi pods, which are $35 for a pack of two. I figure this will save me some money in the long run and produce less waste. 

So many options 

As of right now, the Bruvi machine has more combinations than it can keep up with. There are options to brew hot coffee, espresso, americano, iced coffee, cold brew, and more. The iced coffee option is spectacular because it is designed to make a more concentrated brew. Even after some ice has melted in there, the coffee doesn’t taste watered down. As I mentioned before, the cold brew comes out pretty cold (or room temp at least), which I was very impressed with.

LED panel on coffee maker with options like hot water, espresso, hotter, stronger, and iced
Bruvi has so many presets. Credit: Mallory Minich / Mashable

There are also options on the Bruvi for tea and ~infused~ drinks, though I’m not sure what they mean by infused. I think Bruvi is working on releasing pods that correspond with these options, but they aren’t yet on the market. I also enjoy drinking hot tea, and the Bruvi has a hot water option that’s perfect for tea. Since the Bruvi brews coffee inside of each pod, the hot water is always clear and never contaminated with coffee. 

Bruvi is doing its part to help the planet 

One thing I’m loving about this company is its commitment to trying to make its business and products more sustainable, from sourcing to production. They even write on their website, “We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but are committed to practical solutions as we move forward.” They are transparent about where their coffee is from, buying from companies that do not make their coffee with unethical labor or deforestation techniques. 

Single-serve coffee actually can be better for the environment. Making large batches of coffee can result in both water and coffee waste while making one cup at a time helps reduce this. Bruvi’s B-pods also stay fresh for longer than an opened bag of coffee grounds. While plastic use is always a worry with single-serve coffee, the B-pods are specially designed to break down quickly in landfills. They were created to allow a “guilt-free toss” into the trash. 

Do I need an app for my coffee maker? 

I don’t think it’s surprising that a coffee machine as smart as Bruvi comes with an app. The Bruvi itself connects to your WiFi, and from the app, you can monitor your coffee usage and also brew remotely. The app records all of your brews, including a log of each pod you’ve used. 

Remote brewing is cool but felt kind of pointless in my routine. The idea is that you would put in a pod before bed, and then remote brew from bed right when you wake up. I see this being advantageous for people who have coffee addictions and bedrooms far from their kitchen — and can remember to prep the machine before bed. I have yet to use this feature. Customers can also order more B-pods and manage subscriptions through the app. 

screenshot of brewing log in the Bruvi app showing number of brews per day
The app is good for monitoring your brews and brewing remotely. Credit: Screenshot: Bruvi

Is the Bruvi brewer system worth it? 

If you are looking for a new coffee maker, this one does just about everything when it comes to coffee and other hot beverages. There are so many options for coffee brewing, and the blends that Bruvi(opens in a new tab) offers in its B-pods are amazing. The B-pod system is more hygienic and better for the planet than some other single-serve coffee makers. The brewing technology helps the machine stay clean, so you don’t have to worry about taking the machine apart to avoid mold growing inside. I have absolutely loved having the Bruvi, and I can’t wait until they come out with more blends to try. 

It is a tad bit pricey, but compared to the amount of money I spent on coffee from other places, I can see it saving money in the long run. For $398.00, this brewer will make a barista out of you.

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How we tested

Mashable wanted to test the Bruvi brewing system(opens in a new tab) because it seems to be the smartest single-serve coffee maker we’ve ever seen. It has brand-new coffee technology, including its own pod system. Its pods are more hygienic than other brands and better for the environment, all while containing premium blends. Can at-home coffee really be this good? I spent about two weeks with this smart brewer in order to give our readers a thorough overview of its performance. 

I received the Bruvi bundle, which included the brewer itself, a water filtration system, and a variety pack of 20 B-pods. The variety pack included blends from Wonderland Coffee: De La Casa (5), Dancing Spoon (5), and Euphoria Espresso (5). It also contained blends from Mulholland Roasters: Columbia (3) and Ethiopia (3). The pods were brewed in a variety of ways for tasting. 

The taste of the coffee beverages made with Bruvi were of the utmost concern. In addition to taste, there were other factors that helped us rate the Bruvi. We considered the versatility of the machine. Bruvi has so many brewing options, not only the types of brews, but also the size and strength of them. Since plastic, coffee, and water waste are large issues with present-day coffee consumption, we also wanted to assess the sustainability of the Bruvi and its products. Finally, we reviewed the Bruvi’s use of technology, such as the brewer’s WiFi connectivity and ability to pair to your phone. 

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